Sunday, February 22, 2009

juz a lil bit bout ma'self....

nama saya musoddiq.
i come from a big family.
im currently 17+.orang kata sweet seventeen,saya kata just another number.
i really enjoyed playing great computer games.
i love 2 eat crabby patty.
my hobbies used to be watching tv.
now tak lagi....skang,i prefer to play games inside my room,alone.
pada umur 5 tahun,saya belajar di PASTI IHYA ULUMUDDIN.
pada umur 6 hingga 11 tahun,saya belajar di SKBBKH.
pada umur 12 tahun,saya berpindah ke SKJ2.
i got 5a in upsr.
sadly,i only got also 5a in pmr.
currently,im waiting for my spm result.
im begging u,
pray for my success.
i once a happy person.
after an incidence,i've turned into a cold blooded,boring person.
im afraid i've turned into squidward.
have big dreams but unable 2 fulfill it.
i want to be an engineer.
sbbb sy tgk,engineer gajinya besar.
but untuk masuk majalah forbes,one need 2 be a merchant.
no millionaire comes from other job except usahawan.
dats y im thinkin...
i aint know course aper nak amik pas nie...
btw,wish me luck...
ur all are my best friends...


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